‘Face the reality of Christ’s Passion’

KOTA KINABALU: The St Simon Catholic Church Likas parish priest Fr Cosmas Lee reminded the community to face the reality of Christ’s Passion during Palm Sunday, April 9. “We imitated the Jews, the followers of Jesus, who greeted and saluted the Messiah with exultation, boisterously, in joy,” he said, referring to the procession from theContinue reading “‘Face the reality of Christ’s Passion’”

Good Friday 2016

Jesus crucified an example of unconditional act of faith KOTA KINABALU: In the wee hours of Good Friday, Sabahans had some respite from the prolonged El Nino as light shower came down from the heavens. With the skyline clear of smog, St Simon Church Likas was filled with eager churchgoers – filling up the mainContinue reading “Good Friday 2016”

Holy Thursday 2016

Eucharist a ‘family affair’: Rector in historic washing of feet of six married couples KOTA KINABALU: The Holy Thursday service at the St Simon Church Likas parish saw a historic washing of feet ceremony that for the first time included women on March 24. Recently Pope Francis allowed the option to include women in the ceremony, parishContinue reading “Holy Thursday 2016”

Palm Sunday 2016

‘We have raised our palms high to proclaim Jesus our personal Lord and Saviour’ KOTA KINABALU: The parish community began the Holy Week with the celebration of Palm (Passion) Sunday which saw the Morning Mass churchgoers congregating at the hall ahead of the procession into the main Church. In his brief homily, the rector Fr Cosmas LeeContinue reading “Palm Sunday 2016”