Soccom Team

May 16, 2021 | 55th World Communications Day: ‘Come And See’ (Jn 1:46)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The invitation to “come and see”, which was part of those first moving encounters of Jesus with the disciples, is also the method for all authentic human communication. In order to tell the truth of life that becomes history (cf. Message for the 54th World Communications Day, 24 January 2020), it is necessary to move beyond the complacent attitude that we “already know” certain things. — Read the full message here

Soccom – or Social Communications – Ministry of St Simon Catholic Church Likas comprises these hardworking team of parishioners (see below) gifted in the field of communication. If you are interested to share your talents in this field, do contact us by leaving a line or two in the comment box below!

Advisor: Fr Cosmas Lee

Chairperson: Tracy Lim

Secretary: Cecilia Funk

Official photographers:

Videographers: Ronnie Lee, Edward Ansibin, Micheal Ansibin, Stefyanie Myla Micheal

Live-stream crew: Denis Tsen, Casey Mitch Micheal, Tracy Lim, Daniella Han, Gary George, Bryan Khung, Neill Anthony

Regular contributors: Vera Chin, Mirina Lim, Tracy Lim, Theresa Ham

Website Team: Tracy Lim, Daniella Han

Facebok Moderator: Tracy Lim

Bulletin Writers: Fr Cosmas Lee, Harold Ong, Alison Wong, Andrea Wong, Jenna Robert, Mirina Lim, Vera Chin, Nova Renate, Rosie Moo, Joan Hwa Ling

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