Do not fear, we are an Easter people: Rector

“Let us be witnesses to the resurrection by constantly reflecting in depth every day in our prayer the great reality and the power of the resurrection which gives us courage in all our endeavours that are Godly on this earth.” – Fr Cosmas Lee, Easter Vigil 2021

(Updated with Link and New Rosary Prayer for January to March 2021) Parishioners embracing new norm of ‘virtual Rosary’ under CMCO: Moderator

Despite the new norm, rector Fr Cosmas Lee cautioned that these virtual sessions will never be able to replace physical interaction

52nd Malaysia Day Mass

LIKAS: The St Simon Catholic Church Likas community celebrated the Malaysia Day Mass on Sept 13 to commemorate the formation of Malaysia on Sept 16, 1963. Led by Fr Matheus Luta, the Mass was celebrated in the country’s official language – Malay. In his sermon, Fr Matheus said church and politics should not mix, asContinue reading “52nd Malaysia Day Mass”

Fourth annual Red Mass in Sabah (2015)

Catholic legal fraternity told: Practise law with mercy and love KOTA KINABALU: The Catholic legal fraternity of Sabah had been reminded to practise their profession with mercy and love during the fourth annual Red Mass celebration held at the chapel of St Simon Catholic Church Likas on Feb 14. In his address, Archbishop John Wong beckonedContinue reading “Fourth annual Red Mass in Sabah (2015)”

First Red Mass at St Simon Church

   A sombre reminder on diminishing morality KOTA KINABALU: Belgium parliament’s passage of a Bill on child euthanasia recently was a sombre reminder for the Catholic legal fraternity who attended the third annual Red Mass here on the diminishing morality of society. St Simon’s Catholic Church Rector Rev Fr Cosmas Lee, who concelebrated the MassContinue reading “First Red Mass at St Simon Church”