Do not fear, we are an Easter people: Rector

KOTA KINABALU: Amid the uncertainties of the present, the rector of St Simon Catholic Church Likas reminded the faithful that with the Risen Lord in their midst, they should not fear because “we are an Easter people”.

“We are a people who live by the sure hope of rising from the dead, a hope that will overcome all trials and misfortunes in life on earth,” Fr Cosmas Lee said during the Easter Vigil service, which he concelebrated with Deacon Wilson Francis.

“For even death – with all its complex fears and threats – has been overcome. Let us be witnesses to the resurrection by constantly reflecting in depth every day in our prayer the great reality and the power of the resurrection which gives us courage in all our endeavours that are Godly on this earth.

This screengrab from YouTube shows Fr Cosmas Lee delivering his homily on Easter Vigil. – pix by Tracy Lim

“Though we often speak of the cross, penance, repentance – all of which are essential – we must never ever forget that the resurrection is the destination of our discipleship and our life.

“Led by the process of repentance from our betrayal – betrayal of the Lord – up to even the three days of the Triduum, we have chosen life like Peter and the other disciples, rather than death, hopelessness like Judas Iscariot,” he said.

Before his homily, Fr Cosmas led the congregation to say the “Alleluia” three times, as per the parish’s long tradition during the Eastertide.

“We can truly cry ‘alleluia’,” he said, adding that the faithful must not only do it as merely lip service but to bear witness to it in their attitude and daily life.

The Service of Light in front of the church.
Those attending the Mass at the hall.

“We must grow and become more and more an Easter people. We must not just profess with our lips that we believe in the resurrection of the dead and life everlasting, but must bear witness to it in our attitude and our daily life.”

He said every time the faithful celebrate the Eucharist, they are proclaiming Jesus’ death and resurrection until He comes again.

Meanwhile, some 300 parishioners were able to physically attend the Mass at the parish while thousands followed the live-stream Mass on its YouTube channel. – Audrey J Ansibin

Those attending the Mass from one of the rooms in the parish hall.
During the Liturgy of the Word.

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