Christmas with St Joseph: The Guardian of Jesus

KOTA KINABALU: This time, the St Simon Catholic Church Likas parish decided to celebrate Christmas especially in the company of Joseph, the guardian of Jesus. “That we may receive the birth of the Lord in the same spirit as ‘holy Joe’,” the rector of St Simon Catholic Church Likas, Fr Cosmas Lee, told the packedContinue reading “Christmas with St Joseph: The Guardian of Jesus”

‘I came here to be near God’

St Simon Catholic Church Likas Soccom Ministry photographer and regular contributor writes about her visit to the Holy Family Residence for Senior Citizens in Papar, alongside the parish’s Pastoral Care Ministry, recently. What she didn’t expect was a chance meet-up with one of the residents who shared her inspirational journey of conversion, which turned the formalContinue reading “‘I came here to be near God’”

Outreach visit

Contributed by Vera Chin THE outreach team from the Ministry for Pastoral Care visited the Sabah Cheshire Home, a home for the disabled, in Likas, on April 16. Several Neophytes also took part in the visit. Rice and other essential items were contributed to the home after which the visitors had a fellowship brunch withContinue reading “Outreach visit”

Student Mass 2016

Contributed by Joan Pang CATHOLIC students from SM Shan Tao Likas and SM St John Tuaran as well as from other areas attended the Student Mass celebrated by parish rector Fr Cosmas Lee held at St Simon Chapel Likas on April 1. They were accompanied by  their parents and teachers, among others. According to some of the students,Continue reading “Student Mass 2016”

Holy Thursday 2016

Eucharist a ‘family affair’: Rector in historic washing of feet of six married couples KOTA KINABALU: The Holy Thursday service at the St Simon Church Likas parish saw a historic washing of feet ceremony that for the first time included women on March 24. Recently Pope Francis allowed the option to include women in the ceremony, parishContinue reading “Holy Thursday 2016”

Palm Sunday 2016

‘We have raised our palms high to proclaim Jesus our personal Lord and Saviour’ KOTA KINABALU: The parish community began the Holy Week with the celebration of Palm (Passion) Sunday which saw the Morning Mass churchgoers congregating at the hall ahead of the procession into the main Church. In his brief homily, the rector Fr Cosmas LeeContinue reading “Palm Sunday 2016”

Lenten reflection: Week 5

‘Jesus is the resurrection and the life’ “MY dear elect, brothers and sisters in the Lord, Scripture says ‘our life is over like a breath’… Our life lasts for 70 years, and 80 for those who are strong. In the last month or two, so many of our senior parishioners, the blue blood parishioners ofContinue reading “Lenten reflection: Week 5”

Lenten reflection: Week 4

‘We walk by faith, not by sight’ “NOW the Gospel story is pretty straight forward. There’s a climax to the story – and it comes when the man makes the profession of faith in Jesus. So very simply, his journey is from blindness to sight; from darkness to light – symbolising the journey from unbeliefContinue reading “Lenten reflection: Week 4”

Lenten reflection: Week 3

‘We are thirsty for God’ ‘BROTHERS and sisters in the Lord, This is the eighth time I am preaching at St Simon (Church Likas) on the Third Sunday of Lent, preaching on the same readings, preaching on the Samaritan woman. The common reaction to something that is repeated regularly: Is there something new? Does it haveContinue reading “Lenten reflection: Week 3”