Palm Sunday 2016

The congregation seen at the parish hall for the procession. – pix by Douglas Yu

‘We have raised our palms high to proclaim Jesus our personal Lord and Saviour’

KOTA KINABALU: The parish community began the Holy Week with the celebration of Palm (Passion) Sunday which saw the Morning Mass churchgoers congregating at the hall ahead of the procession into the main Church.

In his brief homily, the rector Fr Cosmas Lee urged the faithful to reflect on the “events of the passion that we have just heard be more deeply imprinted in the heart of our being. So that throughout this week, the Lord who suffered, died for us, would clearly be there – not just as a thought, but as a source of everything we think about; of everything we do and say throughout this week.”

He also emphasised on the sacredness of Holy Week “because God has made it sacred… God gives Himself totally to us. What else can be holier? What else can be more sacred? What else could be more loving? What else could be more merciful?”

“We have raised our palms high to proclaim Jesus our personal Lord and Saviour. If you have listened to the events of His suffering and His death, as we listened to the passion according to St Luke, this passion is put before us that we may have a clear view of what God in this Holy Week is going to do for us.

“But God – the all powerful – can do nothing unless we pay attention. Unless we respond and be opened to follow His Son Jesus.

“Let the Lord put His own story of love and mercy deeply into our heart for us as we journey through Holy Week.”

The Evening Mass saw a simple procession of the event.

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