Year of Faith Pilgrimage to Churches in Papar & Penampang Districts

It was on a bright Saturday morning on 24th August 2013, that a group of 70 pilgrims from St Simon Catholic Church Likas waited eagerly to embark on their daylong pilgrimage to some of the earliest Catholic Missions established since the 1880s in the districts of Papar and Penampang.  At 7 a.m., after a prayerContinue reading “Year of Faith Pilgrimage to Churches in Papar & Penampang Districts”

Year Of Faith Pilgrimage To St Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan

On the 10th and 11th August, 2013, a group of 60 pilgrims from St Simon Catholic Church Likas went on pilgrimage to Sandakan, the earliest established Catholic Mission in Sabah.  The pilgrimage was intended to put the pilgrims in tangible touch, through talks, reflection and prayer, with the very root of Catholicism in our LandContinue reading “Year Of Faith Pilgrimage To St Mary’s Cathedral Sandakan”

Chapel Now Fully Open for Use.

The Chapel is now fully open for use from 7am to 9pm daily. Daily mass and Holy Hour will also be celebrated at the Chapel from now on. Please try to sit near the altar during daily mass and Holy Hour to maintain an atmosphere of solidarity and support and  to avoid the unnecessary useContinue reading “Chapel Now Fully Open for Use.”

Introducing the Family Bowl in the Year of Faith

As the parish of St. Simon Likas continues in her journey in the Year of Faith, the YOF committee has introduced another item into the many programmes that have been designed to make the YOF a memorable experience in faith-building for all their parishioners. This time around, they have introduced the YEAR OF FAITH –Continue reading “Introducing the Family Bowl in the Year of Faith”

Flashback: Parishioners Welcome The Year of Faith

On the 21st October 2012, the parishioners of St. Simon Catholic Church Likas, were welcomed into the church compound by a huge billboard with the words: ‘Re-Discover, Profess, Evangelize, Conviction, Joy’ against the background of the very bold official logo of the Year of Faith. At all the Masses, the YOF was launched at the parish level inContinue reading “Flashback: Parishioners Welcome The Year of Faith”