Chapel Now Fully Open for Use.


The Chapel is now fully open for use from 7am to 9pm daily.

Daily mass and Holy Hour will also be celebrated at the Chapel from now on. Please try to sit near the altar during daily mass and Holy Hour to maintain an atmosphere of solidarity and support and  to avoid the unnecessary use of the Public Address System,.

As the Blessed Sacrament is being held within the tabernacle, visitors are reminded to keep silent in the Chapel and to behave respectfully in the presence of God. (e.g. keep your electronic devices on silent mode, refrain from using them in the Chapel and please do not put your feet up on the pew in front of you)

Take note however that there will be no Holy Hour from 18th April 2013 to 16th May 2013.

Catholicism Series (every Tuesday evening at the Chapel at 8pm to 9pm):

We will be screening the final two episodes of the Catholicism series this coming Tuesday and the next on “The Fire of His Love: Prayer and Life of the Spirit” and “World Without End: The Last Things

Thereafter we will be beginning the in-depth study sessions for the Catholicism series starting on 14th May 2013 every Tuesday from 8pm for 10 weeks. (i.e. the watching of the DVD followed by questions, discussion and sharing). Please take note that you are required to register for this in-depth study and registration closes on 5th May 2013.

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