‘Teach your children’: Comprehensive material for faith educators

KOTA KINABALU: Splendour Project offers comprehensive teaching material for faith educators including for parents and student catechists.

“We are commending to you the following lessons that you can systematically impart to your students/children,” it said on its website. It added that lessons are available in electronic form and can be downloaded for free.

“We pray that this endeavour will be found useful and fruitful for you in your sacred task of educating your students/children in the Catholic faith.

A screenshot of the website. Click image.

“We have structured this catechetical journey in such a way that it caters for the intellectual capacity of the children based on their ages and common maturity expectation.

“Lessons 1 to 51 constitute a complete cycle, but each of these lessons can be delivered at different levels of comprehensiveness. All 51 lessons can be delivered in a three-year cycle.”

Meanwhile, Lessons 52 to 63, meant to prepare the more mature students for their Sacrament of Confirmation, focus on living the moral life and the imperative of being witnesses to the faith they have embraced.

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