62 from Ministry of Hospitality commissioned

KOTA KINABALU: A total of 62 members from the Ministry of Hospitality, led by Arthur Sebangkit, were commissioned by St Simon Catholic Church Likas rector Fr Cosmas Lee on April 28.

Among the commissioned at the morning and evening services, here, were eight new members.

Prior to the commissioning, Fr Cosmas had exhorted in a lengthy statement in the parish bulletin on the ministry’s role in the parish.

He said the ministry members, commonly known as “wardens”, are often the first people the parishioners meet when they come to church.

“Clad with a sash that hangs down the shoulder to the waist… rain or shine, they are there early to meet us at the car park and guide us to park our vehicles; greet us at the doors; invite us to buy/pick up newspapers and bulletins and song sheets; usher and seat us inside the church,” Fr Cosmas said.

Fr Cosmas commissioning the ministers of hospitality (aka ‘wardens’). – pix by Douglas Yu

“These front-liners can do much to help give us a sense of belonging, to prepare and dispose our heart as members of the Family in Christ to celebrate God’s love especially in the Eucharist.

“Welcoming and greeting, ushering and seating, providing order and appropriate decorum, participating in the liturgy attentively, even ensuring safety and security, these ‘wardens’ and humble Ministers of Hospitality actually play the role of hosting us to the Eucharist in which the Lord Jesus Himself is the real host who calls us to join Him in His greatest acts of love – His Dying and Rising to new life.

“Because the Ministry of Hospitality is directly involved with the Ministry of Jesus Himself the Host, it is holy, sacred, and of the highest dignity, and can only be provided in loving union with Jesus Christ who loved us to the end. There has to be a spirituality of hospitality to be true.”

The Ministry later held a formation for its members on May 1.

Some of the ‘wardens’ that were commissioned on April 28.

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