Fr Cosmas’ 41st Sacerdotal Anniversary

KOTA KINABALU: Well-wishers turned up to offer their prayers on the 41st Sacerdotal Anniversary of Fr Cosmas Lee at the chapel, here, on Dec 27, 2017.

The St Simon Catholic Church Likas rector, in his opening address, candidly told the congregation that, more often than not, after the priest reached their 40-year milestone, they no longer need as much attention.

Fr Cosmas seen during the Eucharistic celebration on his 41st Sacerdotal Anniversary which also falls on the feast of St John the Apostle and Evangelist. – pix by Douglas Yu

He related how the purity of St John the Apostle and Evangelist, whose feast day also falls on the same day, was an inspiration to him and a big part of his priestly vocation.

Citing the first reading, the rector spoke about St John’s opening to his first letter, describing the resurrection.

“(St John) was always speaking of what he had seen and heard. We can never speak conventionally to anyone unless it’s what we ourselves have seen and believe,” he said, adding that all the shouting, debating and preaching can go to nothing.

“The experience of St John who spoke so marvellously is a real masterpiece of St John’s description of the Resurrection.

“Let’s all be like him (St John)… Speak of things that we ourselves have heard and seen and believe.”

He added that according to tradition, John took the mother of Jesus and looked after her until her Assumption in Ephesus, Turkey.

After the final blessing, the choir sang “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” followed by the “Anniversary Song”.

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