Commissioning of carolers ’15

Fr Cosmas Lee blessing some of the carolers with holy water. – pix by Douglas Yu, Thomas Lee & Sylvia Willie

‘Be merciful lovingly, not patronisingly’

LIKAS: St Simon Church carolers were commissioned by parish priest Rev Fr Cosmas Lee on the Third Sunday of Advent.

The carolers, comprising eight groups, would be singing carols and proclaiming the Good News to homes of parishioners on Dec 14-18.

The commissioning was held following the opening of the Door of Mercy by Pope Francis at the Cathedral of Rome on Dec 8.

Fr Cosmas, in his sermon, cited the Scriptures on God’s mercy and how to live out a life of such virtue.

“It is out of mercy that we share one of our undergarments. It is out of mercy that we share our food. It is out of mercy that we do not tax people beyond  what is legitimate. It is out of mercy that we don’t – just because we’re armed – intimidate, exploit others.

“We have just begun the Jubilee Year of Mercy. The mercy that should drive every good action and act, is not your mercy. It’s not my mercy… The mercy of God  is very different. Because mercy is the very nature of God,” he said.

“Pope Francis has asked all of us, in this Year of Mercy, to truly grasp and enter into the logic of God. That logic is not our reasoning. It does not exact on justice.

“So why do we rejoice on this Third Sunday in Advent? Why ‘gaudete’? Cried out St Paul, ‘Rejoice!’. Because we have been shown mercy. To be saved is to be given mercy.

“Could you do the same? Not by our version of mercy. But to enter into the logic, the mindset of God, for all of us to be merciful to others. Not patronisingly, but lovingly.”

Last but not least, Fr Cosmas also urged parents to reflect God’s mercy in their actions:

“If you are a wife and mother, be a merciful wife and a merciful mother. If (you are) a father, be a merciful father, and especially a merciful husband.”

The carolers lining up in front of the altar during the commissioning. (More pix HERE)



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