YOF Resources


Program of Upcoming Events for the Year of Faith:

Faith Renewal Retreat: A PentecoNstal Experience (31st January 2013 to 2nd February 2013)

The retreat is conducted by the Putri Carmel Sisters. The venue is the St Simon Parish Hall and is conducted in the evening on the first two days (i.e. 31 Jan and 1st Feb; starting 7:30pm) and for the whole day on the third day (i.e. 2nd Feb; 7:30am to 10:00pm). Registration is  free but necessary for attendance.

Catholicism: Journey to the Heart of Faith (Every Tuesday starting from 12th February 2013)

Join us every Tuesday evening starting from the 12th February at the Parish Hall to watch the 10 part DVD series by Fr Robert Barron which explores the very heart of our Faith. The series features simple answers and explanations of the faith accompanied by beautiful artwork and scenery from all across the globe (especially the Middle East) and music.

We will be beginning the in-depth study sessions for the Catholicism series starting on 14th May 2013 every Tuesday from 8pm for 10 weeks. (i.e. the watching of the DVD followed by questions, discussion and sharing). Please take note that you are required to register for this in-depth study and registration closes on 5th May 2013.

Resources and Primary Reading Materials:


The Vatican’s Official Home Page for Year of Faith

The Catechism of the Catholic Church on the Web

Reading Material

Pope Benedict on the unchanging nature of the Liturgy

Archbishop Fisichella on New Evangelization

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