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Public Mass re-opening

KOTA KINABALU: The St Simon Catholic Church Likas parish will resume public Mass at 8.30am on Sunday (October 17, 2021). It is subject to the SOP of MKN/KPMHEP. Live streaming of Masses will continue. Prior booking of seat for Mass is compulsory. Google Form for Booking for Sunday 8.30am Masses will be made available…

Caritas Survey: Letter from Rector

Your feedback on the Covid-19 pandemic impact counts! Feel free to download Caritas Survey form and fill in by Aug 15, 2021 (Sunday)


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Aerial view of St Simon Catholic Church Likas.
Parish-level fundraising bazaar in aid of Catholic Archdiocesan Centre in 2018.

Throwback post

‘We are precious to God,’ rector says on Mother’s Day

KOTA KINABALU: The St Simon Catholic Church Likas rector Fr Cosmas Lee waxed lyrical, in his Mother’s Day homily recently, when he described how the Moon reflects light from the Sun, of which without the latter the Moon won’t be visible from Earth. “Many fathers, saints and theologians of the Church often use this allegory, this…

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