Seminarian Wilson’s Diaconate Ordination March 9

KOTA KINABALU: Come March 9 (Tuesday), 30-year-old seminarian Wilson Francis will finally be ordained as a Deacon by the head of the Archdiocese here.

The Diaconate Ordination will be celebrated by Archbishop John Wong and concelebrated by priests in the KK Archdiocese.

The online registration to attend the service is now opened at this link:

The 5pm service, to be held at the main church of St Simon Catholic Church Likas, will also be live-streamed at the parish’ YouTube channel.

Did You Know?

DIACONATE Ordination is a raising of a man to the order of deacon, the third degree of Holy Order, in preparing him for the priesthood.

As a deacon, he will help the Bishop and his priests as minister of the word, of the altar, and of charity once he is consecrated.

He cannot preside over the Holy Mass until he is ordained as a priest. A priest can celebrate the Mass and all Sacraments except the Holy Order while a deacon cannot perform any of the sacraments, but they can preside over services that do not involve the celebration of the Mass.

At the Bishop’s discretion, he is to bring God’s word to believer and unbeliever alike, to preside over public prayer, to baptize, to assist at marriages and bless them, to give viaticum to the dying, and to lead the rite of burial.

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