Online donations to parish during MCO

KOTA KINABALU: St Simon Catholic Church Likas rector announced on Easter Sunday that online donation is now opened to “concerned parishioners” who enquired about making such transaction.

Fr Cosmas Lee said he was “heartened” by the parishioners’ concern during the extended Movement Control Order (MCO), in view of the Government’s bid to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

“A number of parishioners have asked if it is possible to give online donations to the parish knowing that the weekly donations are presently not possible,” Fr Cosmas said in the statement (below).

“Please note that donations are totally voluntary for we understand the dire financial constraints many may be facing in this difficult time.”

The letter included the bank details for parishioners interested to help financially. The rector said the account was chosen for “ease of administration”, adding that receipts may be issued after the MCO period upon request.

Meanwhile, on “Lenten Appeal” envelopes, those with enclosed donations may be given to the parish after the restriction period, or dropped at the “Drop Box” outside the office.

The official letter from parish rector Fr Cosmas Lee. Click to enlarge.

Download the rector’s message below:

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