(Updated) Rector's message on 'movement control order'

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Page 4 of 4 | Rector’s message

Download Fr Cosmas Lee’s message (dated March 17, 2020) in PDF format below:

Read below on donations to church, Lenten appeals and other matters. (pic from Jane Lai)

(Updated) Suspension of services in church/national movement control order

SOME enquiries have been made on how to donate money to the parish (including online transactions which is NOT to be practiced for the time being), how to submit Mass intentions and the Lenten Appeal Envelope contribution etc.

The present Suspension of Masses is until 1 April, 2020; the Government’s “Movement Control Order” till 31 March 2020. There may be an extension to the Suspension and MCO. Depending on the evolving situation, we will in time give clearer instructions when and if necessary.

For the moment however, pray for those you wish to offer Masses, join them to God especially when you are praying and watching the televised Mass. Save and don’t spend whatever money you have intended for charity, church etc, and give it all as soon as it becomes possible.

It’s heartening to hear that parishioners understand that without Masses our finances will also be negatively affected. But please, God will provide as long as we do our little part.

In the name of God and all humanity, I urge all parishioners to do their part in observing strictly the Movement Control Order. Stay at home, pray at home, unless we truly need to go out to buy food or seek medical attention. “Balik kampung” without a serious reason is a sin.

This is not a time to complain about what has been right or wrong about the MCO. This is the time for us to DO OUR SMALL AND SACRED PART, AND TO DO IT PERFECTLY WITH MUCH LOVE AND SACRIFICE by staying at home and preventing ourselves to be in contact with all others outside. – Rector

  • Amended on March 19, 2020

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