Legionaries visit La Foresta in Kiulu

Contributed by Joan Pang

KIULU: A total of 10 legionaries of St Simon Catholic Church Likas, led by its President Thomas Chong, visited the La Foresta of Franciscan Hermitage, here, on Sept 16.

The purpose of the visit was to foster closer ties among the members and the religious sisters.

The Legionaries in group photo with several sisters at La Foresta.

On hand to welcome and brief the group were Sr Joan Michael and Sr Veronica.This was followed by the Praesidium’s 957th meeting at the “green” room. It is called the “green” room because the hut is covered with green nylon mosquito-proof net.

The Rosary was recited, the Handbook passage and the Allucutio were read followed by reports on assigned activities carried out the week before, such as:-

* Home and hospital visits and bringing Holy Communion to the sick and elderly;

* Recitation of the rosary at wakes and funerals;

* Conducting religious instructions classes and para-liturgical services on Sundays.

The signage of the La Foresta Hermitage

After the meeting,the group ventured into outdoors to climb the nearby hill for a view of the hermit huts. Seven buildings are dotted along the steep slopes for the sole purpose of quiet mediation in seclusion.

From the vantage point, one could see that the 7-acre property is like a Garden of Eden — far away from the hustle and bustle of life — and is filled with all kinds of plants like a botanical garden.

In terms of fauna, the place is a sanctuary for many varieties of bright and colourful butterflies of different sizes. As the group explored the place, they saw numerous butterflies dancing from flower to flower — diligently sucking up the nectar.

In addition, the clear river water is teeming with fishes. Perhaps inspired by this, the sisters built fish ponds to rear local Tilapia fish – guaranteed organic.

A crystal clear river and lush greenery add to the serene environment at the Franciscan Hermitage 

After the vigorous walk, the group settled down for a potluck lunch fellowship with the sisters and left the place at 2pm with fond memories of the hermitage and a little bit closer to God.

The Legion of Mary at the parish was formed more than 18 years ago. The members meet every Saturday at the parish hall. The present committee line-up are Sr Teresa Chye (spiritual director), Patrick Mak(Vice President), Anne Wong(Secretary) and Joan Pang(Treasurer).


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