SM Shan Tao fundraiser

Contributed by Joan Pang and Fr Cosmas Lee

KOTA KINABALU: The SM Shan Tao community officially launched a “Donate-to-Adopt”  campaign, on Sept 26, to raise RM5 million for the new five-storey block to accommodate the increasing number of student population at the school.

The school’s Board of Governors Chairman Datuk Henry Hing in a statement said, “the size of students enrolling to SM Shan Tao is increasing and the present school size is inadequate to accomplish its mission and educational goals”.

He said the new block will have classrooms, music room,  labs, audio visual room and reception lobby, among others.

Archbishop John Wong, Fr Cosmas Lee, Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai and others seen during the event. – photos by Joan Pang

During the opening prayer at the event, St Simon Catholic Church Likas rector Fr Cosmas Lee thanked God for His “wonderful care for us, for you have provided the human family with all that they need from generation to generation”.

“You give us food, shelter, family and love that we may live and grow to show off your goodness and love,” he prayed.

“Today as we gather for the sake of education, we thank you for sharing your quality of knowing and understanding, the gift of intellect.

“Particularly we bless your name for the gift of SM Shan Tao in and through which thousands have received and will receive their secondary education.

“We thank you for asking us to build a new block to improve the quality and space for better education.

Breaking the ice: Dr Yee officiating at the launch of the fundraising campaign while the archbishop and others look on.

“As we gather to formally launch the fundraising campaign for the new block, we ask you to bless all of us gathered here and each and everyone involved in the forthcoming fundraising activities.

“Instill in us the spirit of your care for the young and their education. Give us the spirit of commitment and resolve, and sustain us with zeal and perseverance until all is brought to a successful completion.

“In gratitude and trust we place our fund raising into your mighty and caring hands. Receive our offering and confirm us in your love,” he said, concluding the prayer.

Meanwhile, Archbishop John Wong pledged that the church will support the building fund and called on parents, former students and the school board, among others, to also help in the fundraising efforts for the benefit of the  future generations.

Sustainable Energy Development Authority Malaysia Chairman Datuk Dr Yee Moh Chai, who was also guest of honour, officiated at the event as he hacked the ice block to extract the prospector.

Also present were PTA Chairman Peter Lo, architect AR Sim Sie Heong, the alumni members and invited guests.

The atmosphere at the school hall.

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