G.O.D. Project

Contributed by Mirina Lim

year of mercy logoKOTA KINABALU: The Youth Ministry and confirmation class of St Simon Catholic Church Likas jointly organised a G.O.D. (Grave Open Day) Project in conjunction with the Jubilee Year of Mercy at the Catholic cemetery, here, on Aug 20.

Led by the Youth Ministry head Mirina Lim and confirmation class teacher Nicholas Chong, the young people conducted the spiritual and corporal works of mercy which included cleaning of the tombs, prayers for the dead and followed by catechesis.

“It was a  sunny morning. An opening prayer was led by Nicholas before the departure to the cemetery. The youths were separated into respective groups with a leader and assistant for the entire day,” Mirina said.

Some of the youths seen during the clean-up activity. – pix by Anne Wong

“For every tomb that we went to, we started off with a prayer and ended with a prayer (also) for the departed souls. We cleared the weeds and made a clearer path for those who will visit in the future.”

She said the youths enjoyed the prayerful moment and throughout their corporal and spiritual works of mercy activities. “After an hour of cleaning up, we headed back to the Church for further catechesis given by Nicholas.”

Many responded positively, she said. “This was something that they felt was important and meaningful for them to share as a young group in the community.”

Among the topics shared were on paranormal activities and  Catholic teachings  on such matters.

She said as the activity ended, many look forward to more such activities, “knowing that the young hearts have truly experienced mercy through the acts of cleaning the graves”.

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