Crowd vs Jesus

Contributed by Joan Pang

KOTA KINABALU: The SM Shan Tao students were advised to follow Jesus instead of the crowd during a Student Mass held at the chapel of St Simon Catholic Church Likas on Aug 5.

Parish priest Fr Cosmas Lee said while it is the norm to want to pass examinations, graduate and get good jobs, he reminded the students not to live only for themselves but to imitate Jesus and be of service to others.

Fr Cosmas Lee addressing the students during the homily. – pix by Joan Pang

“Education will not make you happy,” he said. “Don’t be afraid. Don’t follow the crowd. No pain, no gain – take up the Cross and follow Jesus.”

He said, for over 2,000 years, Christians were no stranger to suffering and persecution. “The persecution will continue.”

Meanwhile, he also emphasized on the importance of the Eucharist.

“If we don’t attend Sunday Mass and think it’s not important, then we’re behaving like pagans,” he said, adding that its purpose is to make the faithful more holy – like Jesus.

“Jesus gave us the Sacraments to make us better – to save us.”

The choir was led by students from the school. Also present was Principal Lee Li Leng.

photo 2
The choir comprised of SM Shan Tao students.

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